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USB Power Adapter - With Two USB Power Port

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Fit for every AC 110-240 V power plug
Small size
Provide two USB power port
Maximum 2100mA power output
Fit for different mobile device
Operating temperature: 0°C - 40 °C
Preservation temperature: -10°C ~ 60°C

Three Main technology to protect your device:
Over current protection
Over charge protection
Short circuit protection


  • Input: AC 110-240 V, 50-60Hz, 350mA
    Output: DC Max. 5.0V / 2100mA
    Single Output ( iPad ): DC Max. 5.0V/2100mA
    Single Output ( Mobile ): DC Max. 5.0V/500mA
    Dual Output:
    DC Max. 5.0V/1600mA (iPad) +
    DC Max. 5.0V/500mA ( Mobile)
    LED: Red (Charging)